“Do You Want My Son?” Bold Mother Approaches Beautiful Lady She Saw at Party on Behalf of Her Son

"Do You Want My Son?" Bold Mother Approaches Beautiful Lady She Saw at Party on Behalf of Her Son

“Do You Want My Son?” Bold Mother Approaches Beautiful Lady She Saw at Party on Behalf of Her Son …C0NTINUE READING HERE >>>

A mother is trending on social media because of a question she asked a beautiful lady she spotted at a partyThe cute lady was dancing when the mother joined her on stage and casually asked if she wanted her sonThe video generated many funny reactions after it was shared on TikTok where the lady said the question stunned her

Many reactions have trailed the video of a mother who approached a lady on her son's behalf.

In the video, which has gathered 6 million views on TikTok, the beautiful lady was dancing at a party and the mother seemed to have liked her.

The mother asked the beautiful lady if she wanted her son. Photo credit: TikTok/@fatoumataofficial_.
Source: TikTok

The mother stood up and joined the dancing lady on stage. As they were dancing together, she appreciated the lady's beauty.

Also, she casually asked her if she wanted her son. Although the woman's son was not shown in the video, the lady, @fatoumataofficial_ reacted on TikTok by saying the question stunned her beyond words.

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In a separate video, the lady said she did not know the woman and that after the party, some relatives of the mother reached out to her.

She said they made it clear that the woman's son was too young for her. She was responding to those who said they wanted to see the young man in question.

Netizens trooped to the comment section to praise the mother, saying she acted boldly.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as mother approaches young lady on behalf of son

@Pink_privacy said:

“Baby, she would've had me because African moms are not easy to please, she saw something she liked.”

@neoheaux said:

“She's laughing, but she's serious.”

@P!n€App!€ said:

“Am I the only one thinking this is sweet?”

@ISATU said:

“Please, I hope the son is your type because this would be a beautiful story to tell.”

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@Anissa Monique said:

“Aunty scoping the scenery out.”

@Fatou said:

“Auntie was on a mission.”

@here4fun351 said:

“If a momma speak to me like this I will IMMEDIATELY know my marriage WILL LAST.”

@Anthony said:

“If my mum can pull a baddie like this for me, why not?”

Mother approaches handsome man for daughter

In a related story, Legit.ng reported that a man who attended a wedding said a woman approached him and told him she had a daughter who was single.

The man said he was at his friend's wedding, and the woman met him when the event was over and made the proposition.

He posted a video showing himself and praising his handsomeness, saying it was why the woman wanted him for her daughter.

Source: Legit.ng


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