Female Bank Marketer Earning N360k Salary Gets Fired for Not Meeting N300 Million Monthly Target

Female Bank Marketer Earning N360k Salary Gets Fired for Not Meeting N300 Million Monthly Target

Female Bank Marketer Earning N360k Salary Gets Fired for Not Meeting N300 Million Monthly Target …C0NTINUE READING HERE >>>

A man has disclosed the sad reason his female friend lost her marketing job with N360,000 salary According to him, his friend was given a target of N300 million inflow monthly by the bank she was working for While sharing the story, he stated that it was unreasonable for the bank to give her such a target in this economy with a measly pay

A Nigerian man has revealed the outrageous target his friend who worked as a marketer at a bank was given by her employer.

The man identified on X as @AguofApapa stated that his friend got a target of N300 million inflow monthly.

Female banker gets sacked
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Man shares why friend lost marketing job

AguofApapa noted that she was given such a huge target to meet with a monthly salary of N360,000.

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Unfortunately, the lady ended up losing her job as she was unable to meet the outrageous target.

Sharing his opinion, AguofApapa said he found it unreasonable for any firm to give their marketers an overwhelming target with a measly salary in this hard Nigerian economy.

Furthermore, he stated that anyone who can raise N300 million monthly should be working for themselves.

In his words:

“A friend of mine just lost her marketing job. Her target was N300M inflow monthly while paid 360k. We are really unserious and unreasonable in this country and take advantage of each other. Because of 360k you are telling me to go look for N300M monthly in this economy. where I wan see am? Infact while will I be working for you if I can raise N300M monthly.”

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Reactions as lady loses job of N360,000.

The comments section was filled with reactions of Nigerians who condemned the act of giving overwhelming targets to employees by their employers.

@TheFarm_er reacted:

“While I was with one of the banks, my target was 1.3billion sitting balance (retention). Not inflow and my salary was below 200k. At first it was looking like mission impossible until I discovered a hack. Sorry she lost her job, hope she gets a better offer sooner.”

Yusfully said:

“They want her to sell her soul, body or do ritual.”

@Scholarea said:

“They gave my frd this target ohh & she was scared bcos she has never done marketing & doesn't even knw where to start. I advised her to take d job while sourcing for better one. After she joined, she was lucky to get some northerners trading dollar, she met more than her target.”

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@salesmiddlem said:

“The first question is, why will I market for you on a stipulated salary? If I'm bringing clients to pay you hard currency, my cut from each client cannot be played with. If I make 300m for my current partners that'll make me 30m richer at least.”

@evanseckolive said:

“Dem suppose add AK47 with the 360k.”

@UbongabasiAwa reacted:

“There are companies that will task staffs outside of marketing or sales and place targets on them, so as you are writing codes you are trying to meet your targets. I know because I have worked for one of them, I had to run!”

@seyiAdemoye said:

“I'm sure they want her to sleep with clients to get this, so what's the point exactly?? Is it not better to be an independent olosho??Why are they disguising.”

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