“From neighbours to husband and wife” – Nigerian couple share transformation journey (WATCH)

"From neighbours to husband and wife" – Nigerian couple share transformation journey (WATCH)

“From neighbours to husband and wife” – couple share transformation journey (WATCH) …C0NTINUE READING HERE >>>

A Nigerian man and woman sparked a reaction on social media as they shared their transformation story from neighbours to husband and wife.

The lady identified as @nellymmacs shared a video of their traditional wedding captioned “from neighbours to husband and wife”. The bride noted that she and her husband had been neighbours for a year but they never communicated with each other.

In the video, the lady was captured in her traditional wedding attire, walking in the midst of elders in the compound, they claimed to be neighbours as she searched for her husband to perform their marital rites.

The lady instantly kneeled and offered the drink to her husband, to portray their wedding ceremony, thereafter, they were pronounced husband and wife.

The couple, who were neighbours has shared several heartwarming videos celebrating their married life, causing netizens to congratulate their uncommon union.

See reactions below,

@obisam50 My neighbors who later became my My purest…. my finest …. my wife . God bless you.

@itzunusual1 I claim it Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Congratulations

@sunnyman E be like say my neighbor don first me see this post 😩, she don greet me 10 times this night

@zoey You no talk on time, I come pack out, uncle call me say he de miss me for the yard

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