“If a man can leave his pregnant wife, I don’t see any problem for a woman to leave a man when he loses his job” – Gabonese lady

Gabonese lady

A Gabonese lady, identified as Anael Mevoung, has shared her perspective on people who leave their partners during challenging times.

In a post shared on Twitter (now X), Anael asserted that if a man can break up with his pregnant partner, then she doesn't see a problem if a woman leaves her man because he lost his job.

Anael drew a parallel between the two situations and concluded that it shouldn't be an issue for a woman to leave a man because he is jobless and can no longer provide for her.

Her statement comes weeks after an American woman went viral for leaving her husband because he lost his job.

Anael tweeted,

“If a man is able to leave a pregnant woman, then I also don't see any problem for a woman to leave a man when he loses his job. 😎”

See her tweet below,

Gabonese lady

As expected, her post has sparked differing opinions online, with many disagreeing with her statement.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@melo_malebo wrote, “Why are the two people together again? In relationships I don't think you settle scores.”

@omari_kenya wrote, “The good thing about loosing a job is you can get another but pregnancy is a rubber stamp for life. Women will always be bigger losers in that context”

@thatom_thatom wrote, “But leaving a pregnant woman is the worst, I know you not comparing situations🥺”

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