Nigerian Man Expresses Concerns Online, As His Wife’s Love For WWE Surprises Him, Claims Its Her Favorite Channel (WATCH)

Nigerian Man Expresses Concerns Online, As His Wife's Love For WWE Surprises Him, Claims Its Her Favorite Channel (WATCH)

A man has taken to social media to express his concerns and seek advice after discovering that his wife's favorite channel is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

In a video shared on a popular social media platform, the man captures his wife's intense focus on the wrestling show and expresses his disbelief and surprise.

He questions how a woman, particularly his wife, can enjoy such shows when there are other channels that are typically considered more suitable for women.

During a conversation in their living room, the man also inquires about other channels she prefers aside from wrestling, to which she responds that she has no other favorite channel.

The wife then goes on to mention specific times and events related to wrestling that she looks forward to watching on TV, leaving the man even more shocked.

Feeling surprised and frustrated, the man retreats to another room and begins venting his thoughts.

He questions how a woman can love wrestling and fighting, instead of more “suitable” programs like Telemundo or Zeeworld, emphasizing that wrestling is his own favorite channel

The video has since gained traction online, with many individuals weighing in on the unusual situation.

Netizens have expressed a range of reactions, from amusement to understanding, with many puzzled by her choice and others agreeing with her preference.

Watch the video below:

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